Harvard Prize Book

By Harvard Club of ROC



1.      Background

Since 1910, The Harvard Prize Book has been an important and effective way of attracting the attention of talented young people to the opportunities available in Cambridge.

As defined by the Harvard Alumni Association, the Prize is to be awarded annually to an outstanding high school student in the junior year who demonstrates academic excellence and outstanding character, combined with achievement in extracurricular activities.

In Taiwan, the Harvard Prize Book is administered by the Harvard Club of the Republic of China (HCROC) which seeks to reach out to all secondary schools in Taiwan, both local and international. School principals and teachers are encouraged to nominate recipients and the final selection of the winners will be conducted by the HCROC. As indicated above, the Club is looking for students in their next-to-last year of secondary education, who combine excellence in scholarship and high character in other fields. Excellence may be in any field and in any language of study. Interested schools should apply in April and the application forms will be available for download on the website of HCROC.


2.      Who can apply?

(1)     Junior high school students


3.      Prize

(1)         Certificate by HCROC

(2)        “The Harvard Book”


4.      Qualifications

(1)   Junior year in High School

(2)   Excellence in academic reward

(3)   Outstanding Achievement in Extracurricular Activities

(4)   Leadership qualities

(5)   Recommended by his or her school


5.      Application

(1)   Application form (Download from here)

(2)   Personal statement

(3)   High school academic transcript

(4)   List of extracurricular activities

(5)   List of leadership positions

(6)   Recommendation letter from school principal


Please submit your application package to your school.

School will submit one final applicant to our committee for review by 15th of April. And please kindly provide a contact window for further communication.


For any inquiry, please contact Harvard Club of ROC:

Tel: +886 2 2507 7801 ext 145 / 165

Email: alumni@harvardclub.org.tw